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namingStrategy() - Method in interface lucee.runtime.orm.ORMConfiguration
nct(Object, Object) - Method in interface lucee.runtime.util.Operation
check if left is not inside right (String-> ignore case)
newInstance() - Method in interface lucee.runtime.cfx.customtag.CFXTagClass
next() - Method in class lucee.runtime.cfx.QueryWrap
next() - Method in interface lucee.runtime.type.Iterator
use instead Iterator.next(int)
next(int) - Method in interface lucee.runtime.type.Iterator
set the intern pointer of the iterator to the next position, return true if next position exist otherwise false.
nextElement() - Method in class lucee.cli.util.EnumerationWrapper
nextExecution() - Method in interface lucee.runtime.spooler.SpoolerTask
notifyPageComplete() - Static method in class com.intergral.fusiondebug.server.FDControllerFactory
NULL - Static variable in interface lucee.runtime.type.scope.Argument
NUMBER_OFFSET - Static variable in interface lucee.runtime.security.SecurityManager
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