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FAILED - Static variable in interface lucee.runtime.gateway.Gateway
FALSE - Static variable in class lucee.runtime.Page
fatal(String, String) - Method in interface lucee.commons.io.log.Log
log level fatal
FDControllerFactory - Class in com.intergral.fusiondebug.server
FDControllerFactory() - Constructor for class com.intergral.fusiondebug.server.FDControllerFactory
Constructor of the class should never be invoked but still public to be shure that we do not run into problems
FILE_ANTI_SEPERATOR - Static variable in interface lucee.runtime.util.ResourceUtil
FILE_SEPERATOR - Static variable in interface lucee.runtime.util.ResourceUtil
FileServlet - Class in lucee.loader.servlet
FileServlet() - Constructor for class lucee.loader.servlet.FileServlet
findClass(String) - Method in class lucee.loader.classloader.LuceeClassLoader
Looks among the contents of the jar file (cached in memory) and tries to find and define a class, given its name.
findColumn(String) - Method in class lucee.runtime.cfx.QueryWrap
first(String, String) - Static method in class lucee.loader.util.Util
first() - Method in class lucee.runtime.cfx.QueryWrap
FlashEngine - Interface in lucee.runtime.flash
flush() - Method in class coldfusion.cfc.CFCProxy
flush() - Method in class lucee.runtime.PageContext
Flush Content of buffer to the response stream of the Socket.
flushAtRequestEnd() - Method in interface lucee.runtime.orm.ORMConfiguration
forceWrite(String) - Method in class lucee.runtime.PageContext
Writes a String to the Response Buffer,also when cfoutputonly is true and execution is outside of a cfoutput
ForEachIteratorable - Interface in lucee.runtime.type
Form - Interface in lucee.runtime.type.scope
interface fro scope form
FormItem - Interface in lucee.runtime.type.scope
formScope() - Method in class lucee.runtime.PageContext
FTPConnection - Interface in lucee.runtime.net.ftp
represent a ftp connection
FTPPool - Interface in lucee.runtime.net.ftp
FTP Pool
Function - Interface in lucee.runtime.ext.function
Interface for Functions
FunctionArgument - Interface in lucee.runtime.type
a function argument definition
FunctionValue - Interface in lucee.runtime.type
represent a named function value for a functions
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